KUPO Monitor Stand 322M

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– Black steel base and black chromed steel sections
– Max height: 74.8″ (190cm) / max load: 70.4lbs (32kgs)
– Allows for ergonomic viewing from a seat height to stand ing eye- level
– One leveling leg for uneven ground
– Weld 5/8″(16mm) baby stud

In Stock
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Manufactured from black chrome steel, the Kupo Monitor Stand is a versatile and durable solution for supporting monitors, lights, and camera sliders.The stand top features a welded 5/8″ (16mm) baby stud, allowing easy attachment of various equipment.

Despite its lightweight design of 7.7kg, this stand provides a remarkable load-bearing capacity of up to 25kg. With a working height range of 94.5cm to 190cm, it offers flexible positioning options. The height-adjustable screen placement ensures ergonomic viewing, accommodating both seated and standing eye-level positions. Designed to adapt to uneven ground, the stand includes a leveling leg for added stability. If needed, one leg can be extended to enhance stability even further. Additionally, the stand is equipped with casters, enabling effortless mobility.

With the Kupo Monitor Stand, you can rely on its sturdy construction, adjustable height, and convenient portability for seamless use in a variety of settings.

– 2 Risers, 3 Sections
– Column Dia.meter: 40mm, 35mm, 30mm
– Finish: Black Powder Coated Steel
– Loading Weight: 32kg (70.4lbs)
– Weight: 7.7kg (17lbs)
– Closed Length: 74cm (29″)
– Minimum Operating Height: 94.5cm (37.2″)
– Maximum Height: 190cm (74.8″)
– Footprint Dia.meter: 75cm (29.5″)
– Tube Dia.: 20x40mm
– Stand Top: Welded 5/8” (16mm) Baby Stud
– Included Caster Set Dia. 75mm
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closed length
maximum height
minimum operating height
footprint diameter
maximum load<br>
stand top
Welded 5/8” (16mm) Baby Stud

Suggested Casters
Included Caster Set Dia. 75mm


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