KUPO 9 Feet Mighty Snap Stand 090

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-Interlocking mechanism for easy folding and snapping with other stands
-Lightweight aluminum alloy construction for portability
-Detachable central pole for use as a boom stick
-Effortless twist-to-lock operation for securing the pole inside the base
-Optional shoulder strap for convenient carrying
-Dual struts for stability
-Foot pad protects the leg and ground surface
-5/8″ receiver with 16mm brass spigot for versatile mounting
-Assembled using nuts and bolts for easy maintenance
-Optional carrying bag ( KSB-036) allows for 3 Kupo Snap stands

In Stock
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The Kupo 9ft Mighty Snap Stand (Patented) is a versatile and portable lighting stand designed for easy storage and transportation. Its interlocking mechanism allows for effortless folding and snapping together with other Snap stands, ensuring organized kits during storage or transport. Made from lightweight aluminum alloy, this stand is perfect for outdoor shoots and studio mobility. It features a detachable central pole that can be used as a boom stick, providing flexibility in positioning the light. The central pole utilizes an innovative spring locking design for easy twist-to-lock operation, ensuring a secure connection. For added convenience, an optional shoulder strap can be attached for easy carrying. The stand is equipped with dual struts for enhanced stability, and a foot pad protects both the leg and the ground surface. The stand top has a 5/8″ receiver with a 5/8″(16mm) brass spigot. Dual struts for each leg with nuts and bolts for enhanced stability and easy maintenance. Optional carrying bag ( KSB-036) allows for 3 Kupo Snap stands for an excellent storage and trasportantion solution. Enjoy the versatility and convenience of the Kupo 9ft Mighty Snap Stand for your lighting needs.

– 2 Risers, 3 Sections
– Center Column: 35mm, 30mm, 25mm
– Finish: Black Anodized
– Loading Weight: 10kg (22lbs)
– Weight: 2.7kg (5.95lbs)
– Closed Length: 106cm (41.7″)
– Minimum Operating Height: 122cm (48″)
– Maximum Height: 277cm (9 Feet )
– ColumnLength: 100~255cm
– Footprint Dia.meter: 110cm (43.3″)
– Leg Size: Dia. 22mm
– Stand Top: Dual 5/8″ receiver (17.2mm) with Detachable Baby Stud
– Material: Aluminum
– Suggested Caster: None
– Optional Carrying Bag ( KSB-036)
Please contact us to check the stock availability before placing the order!
closed length
maximum height
9 feet
minimum operating height
footprint diameter
maximum load<br>
stand top
Dual 5/8” receiver (17.2mm) with Detachable Baby Stud
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